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Before I began teaching,I spent my evenings tutoring my son who had a learning disability. I had no teaching material and so learned to use things out of my kitchen to teach the concept. When I began teaching,I continued to use household items to illustrate the lesson. This site will give you ideas on how to use everyday items to help your child master a difficult concept.

Whether you are home-schooling or just helping your child complete homework, this site will be helpful.

Summer Learning

Summer BreakYEA!  SUMMER IS HERE.  Summer--a time of relaxation, departure from the routine, stop what you did  in the winter.  Wait--do we stop everything?  Do you stop nourishing your body?  Of course you don't. 
Although summer is here, it is still important to nourish the brain.  Research shows that children who read in the summer have a better school year when summer is over.   But how do we get them to read in the summer?  We spend the entire school year fussing at them--oops, I meant encouraging them to readCan't we do something fun in the summer?
I would like to introduce you to my friend Cheryl Rogers.  She has created a fun summer reading program for kids called Where's Zack.  

Where's Zack
Here is what she writes:
Where's Zack? A Summer Reading Quest kicks off today at my online magazine, New Christian Books. There will be free, wholesome family-oriented content focusing on the fictitious character Zack throughout June. Readers guess where he disappears while on his family's summer vacation and win free faith-building ebooks. Check it out!

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