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Before I began teaching,I spent my evenings tutoring my son who had a learning disability. I had no teaching material and so learned to use things out of my kitchen to teach the concept. When I began teaching,I continued to use household items to illustrate the lesson. This site will give you ideas on how to use everyday items to help your child master a difficult concept.

Whether you are home-schooling or just helping your child complete homework, this site will be helpful.


Hershey Bar 

I have been teaching a GED class at a crisis pregnancy center.  One of our students was an honor student in high school who dropped out of school her senior year to care for her grandmother who is blind along with many more health issues.  This girl took the practice test and blew the socks off of every test except Math, which she failed.  While analyzing her test, I discovered that she had missed every fraction questions on the test.  When I questioned her, she said, "I don't get fractions--at all."  I told her to come prepared to work on fractions at the next class.  What am I going to do?

I am going to buy a large Hershey bar which she will break apart and discover how many pieces are in the whole.  Then we can add and subtract the segments to demonstrate that we are still working with a part of the whole. 

Whole oranges are also a great tool to use.  Try not to use anything that you have to cut because it is too difficult to cut each piece the same size.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for stopping by.

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